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Football has become an entire market, people have made millions through the index, dividends can change your life in a matter of days, you just need to invest on the right player on a right time without the drive of your emotions. Here we four players who can change your life keeping in mind their age, media presence and their form.

4. Mason Mount (Chelsea)

The 21-year old Blues star is having a time of his life, a season which will play a major role in his future. Coming straight from Blues academy, he is a complete package and the reason why he’s on our list is because of the odds he has on Football Index. The returns are high, and he is in-form and always hungry for success. He plays for Blues so there is no media shortage which means that your dividends will be gold, pure gold.

In 28 fixtures, he has scored five times and been a part of five crucial goals as well. Along with that he’s also made in England debut and has six caps so far. So he’s an ideal man to place your money on.

3. Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. is guarantee of money as he’s never out of media and he is one of the most talented players ever and there is no lie in it. The Brazilian has led his national team in crucial matches and he’s been phenomenal for Paris Saint Germain as well.

He has also improved his spot kicks as well. You can never silent him if he’s on the field, he’s always running, creating chances and destroying defenses with all the ease in the world.

He’ll be having a heck of a season next with PSG or even if he moves he’ll go to a better club which can me Real Madrid or Barca so there is no way you’ll end up on the losing side.

2. Erling Braut Haaland

He’s is the most talked player at the moment, the 19-year old is scoring goals like a maniac. His transfer from Reb Bull Salzburg to Borussia Dortmund couldn’t stop him from scoring goals, he’s already netted 12 goals in 9 games for Dortmund.

He is tipped as the most expensive players in upcoming years, which means you might have to take a break from normal life to count the money you’re going to make of him. So he is definitely the player you need to place your money on.

1. Kylian Mbappe

Yes, the returns might not be very high as it is understood that he is going to be the most expensive player in upcoming years as all the giants are ready to lock horns for him. Barca are struggling to they need him, Madrid just want to buy him anyway and now City are also behind him so there is nothing that can stop him from becoming the biggest transfer of all time and even if he don’t leave PSG HE IS ONLY 21. We all saw what he did in the World Cup at the age of 18, so imagine what he’ll do in upcoming years. He is definitely someone you can trust your money with.

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