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How and when the European transfer market windows work

 Every year, the transfer period in Europe is getting a lot of attention from all football fans. Transfers, as well as speculation, are expected with the same care as matches. In the last few years the football market is in constant rise and every transfer window, especially in the summer there is one or two mega transfers that are constantly on the news and are shaking the market and the world. Transfer window, or registration period is the period when one player can move from one club to another, by the regulations and rules from FIFA.

Every national league can decide when the transfer window will be open for its clubs, but the period can’t be any longer than 12 weeks. There are 2 transfer windows during the year, one bigger or pre – season period and mid – season transfer window. In the most European top national leagues like in France, Spain and Germany the pre-season window starts on 1 July and ends on 2 September. The mid-season transfer window is open from 1 January to 2 February for clubs in this football associations. In Italy pre-season transfer window is open same from 1 July to 2 September, but the mid-season transfer period is open from 2 January to 31 January. Scotland football association has set different dates for transfer period. The pre-season transfer period is from 9 June to 1 September and mid-season period is from 1 January to 1 February. England FA has a little bit differences about transfer window and its rules. Pre-season transfer window is open for business from 17 May to 9 August. By the new rules, English clubs can buy players only before the season starts, no matter that the transfer period is still open in most other football associations. However, they can sell players until the transfer period ends. Mid-season transfer period in England is open from 1 January to 31 January. Also, in some football associations it is possible to buy player even when the transfer period is closed, if the club is facing problems with many missing players. It was recent example with FC Barcelona, when the club was allowed to bring another player after the transfer window closed because of many injured players. There are possibilities to extend the transfer window when it’s necessary. The players that aren’t playing for any club can be signed any time during the season as free agents.

This doesn’t mean that transfer market is only alive when transfer windows are open. Rumors, speculations and even some pre-agreement are made through all season. Every person who wants to follow and to invest on players and transfers should have open eyes and to read everyday rumors and news about players, their agents and clubs.

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