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Football Index Review

The Football Index is like the stock market for football where by you can buy and sell shares in players and earn dividends on their performances as well as increase in value. Launched in 2015 it now has over 100k users with plans to expand into many other countries its a good time to get onboard as we forsee an undelying rise in the market .

You can earn in several ways on from the obvious rise in a players value (maybe transfer to another club) to both in play and overall dividends as well as media attention (good and bad!)

The football index has trader portfolios that can range anywhere between £10 and over a £1,000,000 and so is open to everyone even has diverisfied player packages of a mix of players like a bundle of shares as we speak these have seen an over 3% increase month on month since the beginning of 2020 PLUS DIVIDEND PAYOUTS !! just as an example for those that want a hands off approach .For those keener to buy and sell informedly there is a range of forums and media alerts see our TIPS.STATS.SOFTWARE to help you make infromed decisions on buying and selling players and join in the online communities discussing players new and old from investing to future stars to sticking with the stalwart performers who will earn you the most weekly dividends MESSI in 2019 !

To be honest its addictive its fun and will lead you to bring up player names in the pub people have yet to hear of as over the years you become the Oracle of football !

Could you lose money .The simple answer is yes players values can go down for many reasons injury (banned from football) loss of form etc

But overall if you spread the risk and build a sensible portfolio of new exciting up and coming players with older dependable earners your not going to earn zillions but many people are reporting annual returns inexcess of 50% some more some less and of course some losses but overall the trackers like TOP50 players have increased in value and paid dividensds of perhaps 10% along the way.

For MORE INFORMATION and the latest opening Bonus Offers from (was £500 RISK FREE at the time of writing)

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