Why Join IndexGain ?

So you might be wondering what IndexGain is all about?

At IndexGain, we enable traders to come together by creating a community and then empowering traders to become better traders by providing  avast amount of data, tools and interactive reports to help research players from all of the eligible competitions.

We’re proud to have Opta as our official partner. Opta are the world leaders in sports data and we now provide it for all your research needs. For every ‘Match-day’ dividend league. For every ‘Match-day’ dividend tournament, and yes that includes the Euro2020 qualifiers.

The IndexGain trader community is powered by Slack, which is a like a messaging app….. only on steroids. Even better it’s completely free to join!

With now over 5000 traders together to discuss all aspects of the index where we share strategies and our latest buys. What’s more, we have added a range of additional features to save you time and to help improve your bottom line.

What is Slack? BuzzBot and BuzzPro?

Check out these cool features…

1) Researching players is easy on Slack

BuzzBot is our Siri style assistant (on Slack app) which answers your football index related queries while you are on the move – get the information you want anytime, anywhere! It can generate personalised price move reports, player stats, dividend history, live match-day scores & much more.

Premium accounts have full access to a huge range of commands BuzzBot can help you with. For free accounts, have a look at our /playerinfo command to get a taste of what Buzz can do for you.

Remember, BuzzBot works on the Slack mobile app so it means you can research anytime, anywhere

For a full list of reports you can run on your mobile anytime, anywhere – see the list of BuzzBot commands.

Rashford Info Report

2) Tracking your portfolio made easy

Using BuzzBot MyPort feature you can add players to your portfolio and then run price move reports against your portfolio over any time frame so you can see who’s rising and who’s falling.

Premium accounts can also utilise MyList which essentially acts like a watch list which you can also run price move reports against. Full details on how to use this feature detailed in this blog post or watch this video.

Here’a a quick demo:

3) Use BuzzPro Advanced Reports with Match Stats

Premium members get access to our advanced BuzzPro suite of analytical reports where they can filter and set various criteria’s for research players on football index.

Want to see the top players with the highest average PB scores aged between 21 and 27?

Want to see which midfielders have won the most dividends in a specific month?

Want to compare Hazard against Messi and Ronaldo?

We’ve also got stats like passes, crosses, shots, goals, assists and more to help you make better decisions about the players you buy.

We have 30+ interactive reports containing all the data you will ever need to build and manage a successful Football Index portfolio. 

Player stats reports with Opta match stats for every game

Player fixtures report to see who has the easiest games over any time period

Example of the Player Comparison BuzzPro Report.

Free members get access to 3 simple, basic reports – basic player screener, historical dividend winners table and a basic fixture schedule.

4) Breaking Transfer News in One Feed

We consolidate transfer news from all major (buzz producing) publications such as the Guardian, BBC, Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Independent. As soon as articles are published it will appear on our single consolidated news feed. Even better, traders can set-up notifications so that you no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll always be the first to hear about that latest transfer drama.

5) Price Change Alerts

IndexGain looks for price moves every 60 minutes (15 minutes if Premium). It compares prices as of the hour previous to look for sudden shifts and then reports on all the biggest risers and fallers. You can also tailor price move reports and run them instantly for the players you are interested in! No need to constantly monitor player prices, the price moves come to you.

6) Notifications for Phone or Desktop

Both desktop alerts and mobile notifications can be set-up for the information you want to receive instantly. Personalise your own notifications to receive price moves, player news and suggested buys straight to the device of your choosing so you’ll never miss any opportunity.  The notifications are incredibly configurable, you can even filter them to notify only when particular player names you specify are mentioned. So when traders start talking about that player you’re interested in you’ll hear about it instantly. Oh and yes, the app is available for both iOS and Android.

7) Sharing Advice, Tips, Ideas and Strategies

To get access to our 5000+ strong community, you can join for free here.

IndexGain has a wide range of channels for beginners and experienced traders discussing all aspects of the Index, from general trader chit-chat to suggested buys and strategies, we cover it all.

Have a question about players, match day scores, media buzz or even about how to use the platform? Then ask over 5000 traders, new and experienced and get immediate responses with new ideas, things to look out for and experiences using the platform to improve trading skills.

The above gives you a flavour of what awesome features IndexGain has, but there is plenty of other benefits to be found such as live media and matchday dividend scores, upcoming buzz fixture lists and free cash competitions.

So come and find out more and sign up now.